Patch 7.3.5 - Artifact Weapon Ending, World Changes, Command Boards, New Racial Icons

Class Adjustments With December 5th Maintenance

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Starting tomorrow, December 5, with maintenance in each region, we're planning the following class tuning:



As always, we're keeping a very close eye on performance across all specs. Thank you very much for your feedback!

Terms of Service Violations in Antorus

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As you’ve seen over the course of Legion, we’ve been consistently increasing our actions taken against Terms of Service violations used to give an unfair advantage in raid and dungeon content. These violations include selling raid clears for real money, sharing accounts between members of the same raid team, and similar behaviors prohibited under the ToS.

With Mythic Antorus about to open and the world first race ready to begin, we felt it was important to give a reminder of our stance on these issues, as well as a warning that we will be actively monitoring and taking action against those who participate in such behavior to gain an early progression advantage in Mythic Antorus.

We’re excited to see how our top players progress through Mythic Antorus in the weeks to come, and want to ensure that the experience is as fair as possible for everyone participating. Please keep this in mind as you begin to work your way through the Burning Throne, and best of luck!