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What Sets the Pros Apart: Cydonia Talks About Tournament Deck Lineups

Updated Zandalari Troll Tattoos

Sonotmethen noticed that Zandalari Trolls have received new tattoo options in the latest build of Battle for Azeroth.

Timed Mythic Plus Solo Clears

Mione is back again, this time with video completions of Upper Karazhan, The Arcway, and Darkheart Thicket on +11 and all in time. Cathederal of Eternal Night was also completed on +12 in time as well! View the video descriptions for more information.

This Week in WoW History

We're taking a look back at old MMO-Champion posts and World of Warcraft news that occurred during this time in previous years.

Blizzard Retrospective

After the 20 year Anniversary celebration of Blizzard Entertainment, a 50 minute documentary was released which tells the story of how three college students started and grew into one of the biggest game developing company of our time. If you are interested in the Blizzard universe, or want to hear great stories of what the company was like 20 years ago, make sure to watch the documentary.

Patch 4.2 PvP

A blue post confirmed that the Arena Season 10 would take place during Patch 4.2 of the Cataclysm. As usual, a full post featured all of the new sets that will be available for players who participate in PvP, along with a few great recolors.

Scroll of Resurrection

The official announcement of the Scroll of Resurrection in 2012 was a great opportunity for players to bring their friends back to the game. This new product allowed players to boost all the way to level cap (80), get a free upgrade to the Cataclysm expansion, regardless of what expansion they own, a free character transfer and faction change, and 7 days of game time. Players who were able to Resurrect their friends were rewarded with a Spectral Gryphon or Wyvern based on their faction.

Armored Bloodwing

Patch 5.2 generated a lot of interest for the player base, however one of the hidden items discovered peaked the interest of many. The Armored Bloodwing was datamined early on, and found that it will be a flying/ground mount usable after level 20. The source of this mount was only later discovered when it was announced as a Blizzard Store mount only available for players who purchase it.

Patch 5.2 Live

This patch has been mentioned several times in previous posts, but it is worth talking about it again, because this is the week it went live in 2013. Perhaps the biggest content patch of Mists of Pandaria featured a new raid, two new world bosses, new armor sets for both PVE and PvP, new reputation gear, an additional legendary questline, the unique Green Fire quest, two new zones, new scenarios, and numerous new rares and profession changes.

Wish You Were Here

The Warlords of Draenor Trailer “Wish You Were Here” featured a lonely gnome spending his time leveling before discovering the power of the Character Boost. This was of course the focus of the trailer, because the Pre-Purchase of the fifth expansion, Warlords of Draenor, included a complimentary level 90 character boost.

Legion Animations - Fury Warrior

With the overhaul of melee animation in Legion, Fury Warriors received new spell animations for a lot of their existing abilities, along with some brand new ones, such as Odyn’s Fury. The animations were updated to make Fury Warriors more unique, and make their iconic abilities easily recognizable.

Your Watch Begins

The official Overwatch street date was revealed in a short trailer video featuring all of the heroes in the game with iconic quotes, cinematic footage, and gameplay footage. The game announced at the previous BlizzCon was set to release on May 24th, while the official open beta started May 3rd.

Overwatch - Brigitte Skins and Cosmetics

The Overwatch PTR had an update and with it came all of Brigitte's cosmetics including skins, emotes, voice lines, etc.