The primary goal of Headhunters is to balance end-game content while maintaining a fun social atmosphere for ALL of our Guild members. Our guild is very diverse with members from many nationalities and backgrounds; some of our players have family members in guild, and many are friends in real-life. We are not a hardcore raiding guild and we do not expect all of our players to be Raiders, but for those that DO want to raid, we take our raiding seriously.

This page is split into 2 parts - Guild Rules and Raid Rules.

Guild Structure

Guild Management
Guild Master – Alienates

Raid Management
Raid Leader - Balarak & Padde
Role Leaders - Eyrie (Healing), Sasse (Melee)

Raider – Members of the Raid Team
Initiate – 4 Week (or less) trialist for the raid team
Member – Ex-raiders and the friends/family of HH raiders.
Kashim – You've p*ssed off the GM :p

Officer Alts - Officer and Class Leader Alts
Alts - Raiders, Members and where permitted, Initiate Alts

The Guild Master and Council will take the wishes of all ranks into account whenever possible, however their decisions are final and when deadlocked, the GM has the last say.


We are a multicultural guild, but require that all open communication take place in English. If you are not confident with English in its written form - please come and speak to a Officer if you have any questions regarding what is written in these rules.

It is expected that all members of the Guild treat each other with respect. Mature language is tolerated, but if taken to excess or if members complain about it, the offender will be asked to moderate their language. If it continues you may be removed from the Guild.

Headhunters welcomes all types of players and encourages them to play the game in any way they see fit. That being said, we do not expect our members to create drama. Flaming or excessive trolling in Guild or on this forum is forbidden and will be viewed very seriously. Disagreements should be dealt with privately whenever possible. Officers are available to help mediate should this be necessary.

When communicating with players outside of the guild (in game, forums or VoIP) you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner that reflects well on the Guild. If you can’t be polite and professional, please don’t say anything at all.

The Guild Bank

The Guild Bank is owned and maintained by the Guild Master and the contents are at his/her disposal. Donations of materials or gold are welcomed from all members (although not mandatory). Some resources may be provided free of charge, other more expensive items at a significant Guild member discount.

The Guild Bank is not there to bank-roll Guild members that are short of cash. As a general rule, unless the money will benefit the whole Guild from its use (for a Guild achievement or a rare recipe for example) gold is NOT loaned or given from the Guild Bank. This is however, at the discretion of the Guild Master.

Players with Raider rank or above may be provided with limited guild repair during progression as a direct perk of this rank. It is not a guarantee however.

Raid Rules

Headhunters raids are run on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays 20:00 hours to 23:00 hours game time, with an additional raid on Monday (same time) at the discretion of the Raid Leaders depending on where we are in relation to pushing the content. Invites are sent 5-15 minutes before the first pull at 2000 so you are expected to be prepared and in place. Consistently being late for a raid without a good reason isn't tolerated.

To be eligible to be an Initiate...
  • There has to be space for your role/class.
  • You should be adequately geared.
  • You need to have all required addons (see below) and ensure they are installed and updated.
  • You have Discord installed, working and setup for Push-to-Talk. Please use headphones to avoid speaker feedback. Connection details are available in Guild Info in game.
  • You are able to commit to our Raid Schedule and stay for the duration of the Raid unless otherwise agreed.

Once you are an Initiate / Raider you need to...
  • Have an active and verified forum and EQDKP account. These are required to sign up for Raids and to check preferred Tactics and Class discussions.
  • Arrive in good time before the Raid starts and be ready to accept the Invitation. If you will be late please try to contact someone to pass the message on or we may replace you with a backup player. If we have replaced you, it will be at the Raid Leaders discretion whether you are brought back into the Team for the evening.
  • If you are placed on backup for the evening, you need to be contactable by someone in game. It is recommended that at least your Role Leader has a method to contact you - Battle Tag, Mobile Phone, Facebook. Skype etc.
  • It is not acceptable to get locked out to any other groups lockouts for the raids that we are working on - this includes getting loot locked on Flex modes as it will reduce the amount of loot that the team is eligible for. If in doubt - ask a Officer. We will usually put up a notice to advise if a raid / diffculty has been freed from this restriction.
  • Repair armor before entering the raid. If you have multiple kits - ensure you have them with you. Ensure you pick up any Bonus Roll seals or Quest items before the raid starts.
  • Ensure you have enough spare potions, flasks and food with you to last for the entire evening.
  • Ensure all equipment is adequately gemmed and enchanted (progression requires the best gems/enchants currently available assuming gear isn't about to be replaced)
  • Keep banter to a minimum during raid time and do not speak over or contradict a Raid Leader during an explanation. Do not issue orders in Raid Channel or on Teamspeak unless asked to do so.
  • If you get asked to do a job that means your throughput (DPS / HPS) will suffer please do not complain. It is showing a measure of trust in your abilities that we would want you to do a vital task. This is a team experience - prima-donnas and people who ignore instructions are unlikely to be invited back.
  • Be proactive with buffs, debuffs, curses, decurses etc. If you have tactics suggestions quietly alert your Role Leader or a Raid Officer to your ideas at a suitable time. Please do not be offended if we do not change our tactics to meet your suggestions - there may be very good reasons why.
  • Do NOT AFK without letting a Raid or Class Leader know. Persistent AFK'ing during raids will lead to you being replaced.

Raid Signups
All members of the raid team are expected to either sign up (if available) or sign off (if not) for every raid via. the EQDKP calendar. Do not sign as backup. If you might be late, or would rather not raid on a particular night (for whatever reason), put this in the note when signing and it will be taken into consideration by the Raid Leaders when picking the squad.

Signups close approximately 36 hours before each Raid unless stated otherwise. If your status need to change after signups are locked, contact someone ASAP to let them know. If you forgot to signup and the deadline has passed, please contact an officer so they can manually add you. Signups are monitored over the long term. Players who frequently sign up but then don't show will be removed from the raid team.

At no time may a raid member raid with another guild, even under a different lock-out, without prior agreement from the GM or Raid Leaders.

Raider Attendance
In order to be able to field regular and consistent raids, we need a consistent team. Consequently, Raiders are expected to try and maintain at least ~75% raid attendance over an extended time period. Players falling below this threshold are likely to be removed from the squad.

Players can notify an Officer or Role Leader of planned absences of up to 3 weeks. All absences should be recorded in the Raiders Holidays thread and signed-off in the Raid Calendar.

If a Raider goes AWOL (i.e. stops showing up without telling anyone) we will attempt to contact them. If their absence continues, or they fail to provide a reasonable explanation upon returning they will be demoted.

Players wanting to rejoin the raid team after being demoted will not automatically regain their raid spot. If a space is available, the returning player will need to contact their Role Leader or another officer for a retrial.

Constructive Feedback
Be prepared to listen to recommendations and constructive criticism from your Role Leaders. Our Role Leaders are there to help and to represent Raiders and Initiates, but they are also there to make recommendations to the Raid Leaders who will be picking the Teams.

If you feel another player is struggling, please speak to that person's Role Leader before you put any opinions or suggestions about - it is very likely it is being dealt with privately with the player. We all get frustrated sometimes - but it is not appropriate to call a player out publicly.

If you feel unable to speak to your Role Leader, or require a second opinion then that is fine - the other Officers are here to help. We would prefer players to go through the channels we have set up however.

Content Progression
While a team is working on progression content, Raid Leaders can choose to swap players around by encounter if that is what is required - and are entitled to take whatever mix of classes they think are necessary to overcome the encounter. This ruling takes precedence over 'fair rotation'. If the raid suffers from incorrect class balance for a specific encounter, or if a player is consistently struggling to adapt to a specific mechanic and thereby putting added pressure on the rest of the team, the Raid Leader does have the right to replace them. The Council also retains the right to add additional raid nights into the calendar, but will only generally do so on the basis of pushing particular content prior to a lockout or tier closure.

Internet / PC Performance and Gametime
It is important that you are able to raid without connection issues, or PC performance issues. Occasional problems do happen - but players with repeating issues are likely to be benched until the resolved. We do have several techie types in guild who may be able to make recommendations on improvements and there are active threads supporting this.

If you are committing to a raiding team we do expect that you are able to regularly pay for your subscription to the game.



Headhunters uses a Loot Council to distribute all loot dropped from officially run guild raids. The Loot Council is made up of three officers (generally the Role Leaders).

For raiding we use the RCLootCouncil add-on. You are REQUIRED to have this add-on installed if you want to roll for loot (which we assume you do). If for some reason the add-on does not work for you, you will need to let an Officer or Role Leader know asap.

When a boss is looted, raiders are given several roll options (see below) for each item. Selections go to the Loot Council who award loot based upon a number of factors, including but not limited to: best upgrade on that slot, best upgrade to kit as a whole, raider status, performance, attendance, future raid requirements, along with any other factors deemed relevant. Raiders can optionally provide a 'note' to go with the roll which can be used to provide the Loot Council with additional information to help with the decision.

The roll options RCLootCouncil will give you for each drop are:

BiS: This item is the best available for your Main Spec from the current tier. In situations where the best item varies fight-by-fight, roll BiS only if it is the best for all or the vast majority of fights in the tier. (In other situations roll 'Upgrade' and provide relevant info in the note, e.g. "BiS for AOE fights" or "BiS for boss X".)
Upgrade: This item is a upgrade for you for your Main Spec.
Offspec: This item is a upgrade for one of your other specs.
WF/socket: You are rolling in the hope of a warforged or socketed version of a tier item that you already have. This option should only be used for tier tokens.
Transmog: You are rolling on the item for transmog only.
Pass: You don't want the item.

Novelty Loot (mounts, pets, toys, vanity Armour sets) will be prioritized to Raiders over Initiates. Rare items with universal appeal (such as mounts) are typically raid rolled.

When rolling on relics, please provide info in the note to explain how good the trait it is for you (since the Loot Council won't be able to see the trait unless they are the same class and spec as you). It doesn't need to be hugely detailed - examples include "damage increasing trait", "increases my AOE healing", "utility trait".

The WF/socket roll option exists to allow the Loot Council to differentiate between raiders for whom the tier item is an upgrade, and those who are rolling simply for the chance of an upgrade (i.e. it would only be an upgrade if the token turned into a warforged/socketed version of the item they already have). When all rolls are WF/socket, the loot council will prioritize raiders who have a non warforged/socked version of the item.

If you decide to pass your loot over to another player AFTER it has been assigned because you feel it will be better used by them, please ensure the Officers are told so that we can keep the loot tables up to date. We would also ask that you give your reasons so we can be better informed for future decisions.

If you have an issue with a loot decision, please mention it to a member of the loot council ASAP (ideally during the raid and before the item in question has been equipped).

If you have rolled on an item, please wait by the Master Looter until the item has been distributed. This is to ensure that the item assignment is captured by our raid tracker addon. If you are out of range when the item is assigned to you, it has to be manually added by an officer after the raid.

QQ'ing about Loot will not be looked upon favourably. Constant griefing may get you removed from the team.


Required Raiding Add-ons

The following addons are required for raiding with Headhunters:

Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs: Boss warnings and timers
Angry Assignments: Raid Assignment - Tells you who will be doing what
RC Loot Council: Loot Council addon

  • Failure to install a required Add-on may result in wipes, lost loot or other problems which could cause issues for you or the Team as a whole. As such, you may be asked to leave the group until the required Add-on is correctly installed.
  • If you cannot use any of the above Add-ons, for any reason, please contact a Raid Officer or Class Leader to discuss the problem.
  • Do not have the announce functions of these mods turned on, unless requested by the Raid Leader.
  • If you are requested by a Role Leader to install a specific Add-on - even for trial purposes - please do so.
  • Please check your mandatory Add-ons for updates on a regular basis.

Most addons are available at